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ph33r and loathing

The great thing about Pepsi is that it allows me to continue working.

The not so great thing about Pepsi is that, by now, it has probably eaten a hole though my kidneys large enough to drive a Pontiac 6000 LS through.

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» Pure Ignorance

Two in one weekend.
The two stupidest things I've ever heard both took place in the same weekend. The first was in New York City, around Union Square. There was a woman standing on the corner, on her cell phone. She looked lost, and had an out-of-town accent. She said the following:

"Well I don't know where I am. Let's see. There's, uh, there's a Starbucks, and a subway entrance, and some road construction."

The second was two days later, standing on line at a grill. There was a man there in his late fourties, and a woman with him that could have been his daughter, but clearly wasn't. It was a hot August day, the hottest of the year. This is what I heard.

Woman: Oh, that reminds me. That meat I took off my sandwich and put in my purse?
Man: Yeah?
Woman: It's still in there. I think I left it in the car.
Man: Oh.
Woman: Yeah, it's been in there all day.
Man: Oh.
Woman: Do you think it's still okay to eat?
(Tue 11th Jan 2005, 18:47, More)