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» The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

When I was totally broke
My friends gave me a money tree made of fake bills (and some real money) and tape.
(Mon 6th Oct 2008, 12:08, More)

» Why should you be fired from your job?

I forgot...
Like 4 years ago I was on a IT-related internship.It was kind of servicedesk work...so I watched porn and joint the local struggle for total power over the local (company)network with multiplayergames like SOAD,MOHAA,Mid.Madness 2. It was always a battle between 2 sites. After a manager found out, I just requested that I learned enough on this location and wanted proper 'guidance' so I went to the other location (it was divided separately) and just started over again. I also created a work group called 'SLUT' by a stupid mistake in the Dutch national penitentiary network....fubar.
(Tue 14th Aug 2007, 14:49, More)

» Why should you be fired from your job?

I hate my past, current en future job's
The last couple off years i'm doing crappy good paying side-jobs next to my studies. Currently i'm a student in Amsterdam, just trying to get the best quality of life. By my opion, you should try to look as busy as hell, but don't stress or tire yourself. You have a life besides working! So on my 'life priority-list' is first my studies, fun(drinking beer,drugs and woman)...and then working. So motivation to keep working is only to guarantee that I won't run out of funding for my 'fun'. I'm planing to start working with a serious resemblance to dedication for the job...will be probably after I complete my study, a year of traveling...and maybe when I finish my beer. Please fire me.....pleeeeaaaaaaase!!!!
(Tue 14th Aug 2007, 11:34, More)