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Incoming kittens!

(Mon 20th Apr 2009, 22:40, More)

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» Pathological Liars

Everything I write is 100% true.

Except that sentence.

And that one.
(Thu 29th Nov 2007, 12:51, More)

» Dumb things you've done

I've done many many dumb things while paintballing, among them:

Misuse of grenade - pulled out paint grenade, lit the fuse (like a massive match), burned fingers on white hot fuse, dropped grenade at feet... BANG
Result was me and two angry team mates down. Bugger.

Shot myself in the foot - was given a crappy old marker, aimed it safely at the floor, thought the safety was on. Turns out both safety catch and trigger were loose. Bugger again.

Rambo charge - tried to single-handedly charge position held by what must've been the entire enemy team. Ow.

Combined arms - tried to storm fort with my mate M, turns out it was held by the rest of OUR team. Muppet.

Holly - tried to take cover by diving into a holly bush, which is not only prickly, but also gives sod all cover. Ow

There's probably more that I've forgotten. Still think paintball's great though!

Apologies for length, I've been hit in the crotch too many times
(Sat 22nd Dec 2007, 18:09, More)

» Political Correctness Gone Mad

AIDS pandemic
Apparently, the government and media only care about the AIDS pandemic because of Political Correctness


PC gone mad...

First post, please don't tear my head all the way off
(Thu 22nd Nov 2007, 16:23, More)