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» Cringe!

Another one!
In quick succession, one which must be told, pretty safely since nobody I know will read this.
Just today I partially shat myself on the bus. I'm currently working in retail and was riding with my co-worker on the bus after work to our respective destinations when poor flu having me is motivated to cough ferociously. The extreme motion of my diaphragm and whatever other muscles are involved in coughing also seem to have forced out a small though worrisome mass of poo into my boxers. Sadly, I being sick; have no sense of smell, I did not notice any offensive odours but they must have been present since they certainly were once I got home and into the shower. What a day...
(Sun 30th Nov 2008, 4:24, More)

» Books

As a Hard SF fan
I've become quite infatuated with the works of Alastair Reynolds.

He's one of few writers who can mostly obey physical laws yet still create a story spanning deep time and space that is fascinating and thoroughly entertaining.

He also maintains his own site and blog, responds to questions posted therein, has good musical tastes and seems like a truly nice fellow.

/man crush
(Fri 6th Jan 2012, 4:29, More)

» Fairgrounds, theme parks, circuses and carnivals

Once attended..
A festival dedicated to female horses.
It was a Mareground.

I am so sorry.
(Thu 16th Jun 2011, 6:15, More)

» The Best / Worst thing I've ever eaten

As a child in the middle of elementary school I loved pancakes. The crunchy oil filled edges and the soft, syrup absorbent middle were the highlight of many a morning.

Until that is; my dad still half asleep, handed me a plate of perfectly scrumptious looking doughy disks which I duly covered in butter and syrup and tucked in. After the second bite something was definitely amiss, underlying the sweet maple-y awesomeness was an acrid pungency which was frankly worrying. I raised my concerns as tactfully as my twelve year old mind allowed and daddy dearest began to investigate.

Shortly the source of my trouble was found to be a combination of the close proximity and resemblance between the cooking oil and the dish soap and my dad not yet being fully awake on an early school morning.

Definitely the worst nominally foodly thing I have eaten. The best would be my first homemade salmon maki and chopped scallop rolls.
(Thu 2nd Jun 2011, 5:49, More)

» Cringe!

Public Wanking
For those unfamiliar with Vancouver BC, Bentall place is a shopping mall under a large office tower development in the downtown area. The lady I love and I had just finished a day of window shopping with a nice coffee when I had the urge to visit the bathroom of said mall. I entered the can and proceeded to a urinal one space to the left of the nearest occupied one, as one does, when I noticed the gentle back and forth motion of my neighbour's left arm in the corner of my eye. He kept up the tempo for the whole length of time I was in the room, the pissing as well as the minute I took to thoroughly wash my hands, his breathing getting noticeably heavier. I left before he hit the inevitable finishing move, fortunately, but I was shaken nonetheless since the whole time I stood at my insufficiently private urinal he was staring at me; that steady back and forth back and forth in his crotchal zone. *cringe*
(Sun 30th Nov 2008, 3:27, More)
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