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male, 31, lurker mostly, from eastern Europe and for better or worst working in legal services. Into books, traveling ( as in not tourism, I prefer to see the people and not the museums), ski, music (only listening since my guitar teacher told me when I was 12 that I have no musical talent whatsoever). I have recently rediscover my interest in photography and started to learn how to use my camera (maybe soon I will learn to use Photoshop also).
I dream of buying a motorbike next year to wonder around.
More on demand.

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» The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

The nicest thing someone's ever done for me
the nicest thing was done by my mother. She gave birth to me. And support me. Life is good.
Although she will never read this ( mainly because she doesn't speak English):

Thanks mum. :)
(Wed 8th Oct 2008, 11:03, More)

» Money-saving tips

Crime does/doesn't pay, but be carefull and
(Mon 14th Nov 2011, 15:14, More)

» I'm going to Hell...

I'm going to Hell because:
One bloke, who has been a decent fellow all his life, suddenly dies. So he wakes up in Heaven with St, Peter near him saying:
"You've been a good man all your life so you are allowed to stay here. As you can see it is a nice, quiet place. Enjoy."
Off he goes around the place. Beautiful harp music pour through his ears, the place was full of little clouds on which angels are sitting and listening to the music. The sky was so blue that his eyes almost hurt. He wonders around the place for a few days, but he is getting tired of all that peace and harp music. Thus he went off searching for St. Peter.
"Good day St. Peter, it is all very nice and quiet here, but I'm wondering, can I take a look on the other side?" St. Peter is quiet for a few moments then says "Ok, I will grant you a pass for a 48 hours visit downstairs"
So our man is very excited and he take the fast rejection elevator downstairs. There he came upon a huge party, numerous women dancing almost naked, recreational drug being served on huge plates by waiters who were attentive at all your possible needs. The flow of alcohol was of biblical proportion, participants in that enormous orgy being practically on the verge of drowning in unaccountable bottles of the fines spirits known to man. All this, being followed by friendly, but often, sexual encounters among the participants. Indeed a night to remember. So our man wakes up the next day, late in the evening. Wondering around, he follows a crowd that seem to know where they're going. He ends up on a vast place full of people, with the most unbelievable music being played by a band in the center stage. He's listening for the whole concert and is amazed that such music can be played. It rightfully considers the best part of his downstairs experience. But the 48 hours pass is coming to an end, so he begins climbing the stairs to the top. There, at the top, St. Peter is waiting for him:"tell me, how it was?"
"Oh, our man say, it was interesting, but I'm left with one question."
It is understandable that alcohol, and drugs and free sex is not allowed here, but the band that played there, was unbelievable. Why can't they play here?"
"What was their name?"
"I don't remember."
"Hum something."
"You idiot, do you really believe that Pink Floyd will perform a concert here, for 30 persons?"

So, this is why I'm going to hell!
(Wed 17th Dec 2008, 10:02, More)

» Being told off as an adult

So, a few a years ago when I was still in Uni, I went one year abroad as a exchange student. Back then, before I left for Belgium I was still living with my parents( lame I know). Anyway, after 10 months of absence I come back, my friends are all waiting for me at the train station, we go to my place have coffee, talk a bit, after which they fuck off.It was decided that in the evening will meet in order to get properly hammered.
I sit and talk to my mom, it gets evening I explain to her largely that we are going out, have huge amounts of alcohol, get really drunk and all that.
Everything is fine I’m getting ready to get out the door and my dear mother screams:
“At what time will you get home?”
I move out very, very soon after that.

Rhatanu, living alone ever since. No questions asked!
(Fri 21st Sep 2007, 12:49, More)

» Books

Since Haruki Murakami and Michel Houellebecq have already been mentioned...
Hoping that this is less of a contest for best page and more a sharing of our favorite authors and books, here are some of my favorites:

The British novelist Ian McEwan. I like all his works, they are all a very good read.

From across the ocean Jeffrey Eugenides. Middlesex in brilliant.

From eastern Europe Milan Kundera.

somebody was asking earlier about SF. Besides the classics (Frank Herbert deserves a special mentioning)here are some of my new discoveries:
1. George R. R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire
2.Vernor Vinge - A Deepness in the Sky
3.Orson Scot Card - he might be radical and homophobic, but all the books in the Ender series are good, and also the Shadow series is also great.
4.Dan Simmons - Hyperion

Enjoy you're lecture whatever that will be. Keep reading.Books have been a big part of my life since I know how to read, and I hope they will stay in my life as long as it may be.
(Mon 9th Jan 2012, 16:08, More)
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