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» Political Correctness Gone Mad

Not sure if this quite fits..
but I've never understood why more lesbians haven't caught onto the bit in the bible banning manlove
(forgive me if my wording isn't exact)
It is forbidden to lie with a man as you do with women, for it is abomination.

that's basically the bible telling girls to eat pussy, no?
(Sat 24th Nov 2007, 2:09, More)

» Conned

not great but
The vending machines here in Oz used to accept 2 5c coins glued together as a $2, so you could get chips and 70c change from 10c.

And if you put straws up the change chute of a payphone, the coin drops all the way through.
(Sat 20th Oct 2007, 5:11, More)

» Conned

I used to be a door bitch
the till was black (the owners didn't want to declare the $13,000 or so coming through it per night), so there was no camera

no sale opens the til and doesn't ring anything up on the journal, I used to walk out after Friday & Saturday night, over $1000 richer

every week ofr nearly a year
(Wed 24th Oct 2007, 3:15, More)

» Conned

and pokie machines accept photocopied $100 bills as real. When I used to work with them every pub in Australia got a letter from the Department of Racing and Gaming warning about it.
(Sat 20th Oct 2007, 5:12, More)

» Insults

not so much of an insult
but it really freaks boys out when you yell

"suck my dick!"

at them.
(Sat 6th Oct 2007, 4:04, More)
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