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41 bloke from Australia
Loves b3ta humour- hopeless on a computer
married + 2 ex-partners that leave me eternally broke.
Love flying ( when I can afford it) streetbikes& dirtbikes, no cruisers please.
Would rather be outside, but need a laugh regularly.

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» Pathological Liars

My ex-partner is a pathological liar,
she has been telling the same stories for some years now, frequently in family court affidavits, or just anyone who will listen. At first telling , one might almost believe what she is saying, however if you have heard them before, you notice that they have become more embellished/serious as time goes by. I find that the hardest thing to deal with is that she seems to honestly believe every word that falls out of her mouth as if it were gospel.

One of her more minor(less damaging) stories, was to inform all my neighbours (mind you, we were still together at this point), that I had raped her, and then whilst she was pregnant, dragged across the room by her hair and then thrown her down the stairs, because I had found she was pregnant with a girl. In the same story she also told them about our huge fairytale wedding, down to fine detail about the dress and ceremony. All of this was , of course completely false, as I realized shortly after she became pregnant that she was absolutely crackers, I had made a mental decision that I would not ever consider marrying this person, but I did remain (stupidly) in the relationship soley to try to keep my young daughter sane.

Anyway, if you ask her, I am a murderer, a rapist, a wife beater, a child molester, I kill most types of animal, as long as it is hers, I have stolen her daughter(at the hands of the Federal Magistrates Court), I phone her employers to have her sacked, I made her work 14 hour days for years( our contractor receipts show less than 20 full days, for the year), I have tried to blow up her car, and apparently I have shagged thousands of women whilst in a relationship with her( I wish), and forced her to engage in group sex activities.

There are others bit these are the ones that spring to mind, and I can actually prove these ones, as she has submitted them in affidavit to the magistrates court, so I have copies.

Fuck I hate her, now I know why my neighbours used to look at me weird.
Oh and I guess I learned a very hard lesson
1.Dont fuck psychopaths.
2.I you must fuck psychopaths, do not make them pregnant.

This is good and free advice to anyone who owns their own penis.
It may just save your life.
(Fri 30th Nov 2007, 10:13, More)

» Professions I Hate

Those CUNTS at the child support agency
amongst others.It would appear that the primary criteria to be employed at the CSA office is that you must be a single mother, preferably divorced, with nazi-like feminist views on the male population.
Perhaps there is something wrong with me, but I cannot fathom just how it is good practise to forcibly take money from one parent to give to another who refuses to work, yet cries poor to all and sundry.
In my case currently, my daughter now lives with me, and I still have to pay her mother because of small (CSA) debt, while she pays nothing. CSA staff quite openly state that they will not pursue her for payment (the reality is the small sum would just come off my debt, she would not be out of pocket),then tell me that if the situation were reversed, that they would not hesitate to seize goods and property to make amends. Fuck the politicians who legislated such vile tripe, and Fuck the CSA workers who go out of their way to be cunts.
(Sat 29th May 2010, 5:02, More)

» Famous people I hate

I really can't stand
the concept of just being famous, without actually having done something important. Here in Australia, sports people are labelled heroes, and for what? Heroes are people who have decided that something or someone is more important than their own safety or wellbeing, and acted accordingly.
Heroes are not people who can kick a leather ball, or use any manner of fancy sticks to propell said ball, as impressive as their skills may be they are not fucking heroes. Same goes for entertainers,you know , singers, dancers, actors and other such people. Sure they may be good entertainers, but not heroes. None of them is worth the worship they receive. I don't hate them, but I certainly feel that the sort of person who blindly worships these so called "heroes", is somewhat of a fuckwit.
(Sat 6th Feb 2010, 5:42, More)

» Absolute Power

Online gamers
Please........doing well, or not, at your chosen "game", does not constitute "absolute power", unless you're driving a massively armed UAV (for real). So, like the last QOTW, failing or doing well, it's not for real and does not count one bit for real life, and the sort of person you really are. Same goes for those twats on youtube, who post gaming or simulator footage with flash titles.
(Sat 10th Jul 2010, 1:05, More)

» Prejudice

It just drives me mental. I work with many, most of them I get on well with. I can't stand the smell, not just the smoke, I can smell them when they walk past me, and they throw butts everywhere. I work in an industry that requires various levels of inspection and check on work done. I spend a considerable portion of my working day trying to get inspections completed and work signed off in between their "smoke breaks", yet if non-smokers tack 5 minutes onto their lunch we cop a right bollocking for it. I have never met a smoker that always uses a bin or ashtray. I especially hate it when they flick them out the window of their car, this could have something to do with being behind them on a motorbike, or the fact that is oftem hot and dry where I live and bushfires are common. These are the same fuckwits that donate to bushfire appeals yet, start fires through their own filthy habit. I can't stand that everywhere I go, is littered with butts, the streets,especially around traffic lights, doorways of government buildings and pubs. You can pick a smoker driving, because the drive really gingerly and often all over the place, until they flick the butt out the window, and then they're off. I know the smokers out are going say "but I don't do that", bullshit, that's what they all say, you just can't see yourself (or smell yourself for that matter).
(Fri 2nd Apr 2010, 10:41, More)
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