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» Voyeurism

i was having a piss in the downstairs loo, when i get that strange feeling that somone is watching me!
all of a sudden a 3 yr old, daughter, puts a hand underneath me and touches me balls.
when i got off the feckin ceiling..........
(Thu 11th Oct 2007, 23:59, More)

» Stalked

I been stalked, with a chamois.
The wife and I moved 220 miles back to Manchester and bought a new house.
Within a fortnight we had the same window cleaner as the previous 7 yrs.
Think he likes my arse.
(Fri 1st Feb 2008, 0:09, More)

» Insults

graffiti in a toilet. motorway M6 knutsford.
"my mother made me a homosexual"
underneath someone had written,
"if i buy the wool can she make me one?"
(Fri 5th Oct 2007, 0:25, More)

» Voyeurism

old father thames
walking along the thames at windsor one day many yrs ago. i was on the edge and feeding some ducks with bread as i went along.
just then a cabin cruiser came past (the sort that cost more than my house, even now).
through the window i saw a lady washing up/cooking, topless! she had tits like pumpkins.
i walked straight off the edge into the feckin water!
length? 215 miles. depth? about 6ft. me? less than 6 ft.
(Mon 15th Oct 2007, 20:35, More)

» Conned

mrs said to me last month,"does my bum look big in this?"
how did i know she didnt want a honest answer.
the conning bitch.
ps.im still wanking till she calms down.
(Thu 18th Oct 2007, 17:47, More)
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