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I'm laid-back, my fashion preferences are best described as "it was clean so I put it on." I have deep-set, almond-shaped light brown gold eyes. and overlong wild brown hair with long bangs usually found in a high
ponytail. I love laughing, books, tv, jokes as well.........God I'm kind of boring eh?

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» Family codes and rituals

OK this is a bit lame...
... but oh well its fun.
Every time we see a car that looks just like ours we have to say "Evil
My little Bro started it when he was younger, and it just stuck.

Going on 13 years........today. ^_^
(Thu 20th Nov 2008, 23:52, More)

» Stuff I've found

pennies from heaven...
driving down streets I sometimes throw pennies and dimes out the window for someone to find, hopefully a child.
Cause finding coins was always a bright time when I was smaller.

I also drop some for kids when I'm babysitting so they can find it and can get something from a gumball machine

Like it and love it ^_^
(Sun 9th Nov 2008, 2:09, More)

» Guilty Pleasures, part 2

Eye see you...
My guilty pleasure would have to be looking at eyes. Not looking (into) eyes, but at them, I buy note books and mags and then I cut every eye I see out and paste them it the notebooks. I have about 5 notebooks full of nothing but eyes.

It'll probably scare the shit out of someone if I leave them somewhere.

Hehe and sticking white feathers in my dogs fur.
(Thu 13th Mar 2008, 18:49, More)

» Helicopter Parents

My mother..
is too protective of me. she makes me run a hotel down the hill from our house. She watchs me from her window to make sure I'm doing what she wants.
oh wait mother is calling.


*taxi please*
(Fri 11th Sep 2009, 15:32, More)

» Helicopter Parents

my mam is ace
as long as we stay out of trouble and don't go to jail or get killed, she lets us do what we want.

shes funny, caring, and would kill us if we did anything wrong

Plus she reads B3ta so you know shes ace
(shhhh she might be reading this now)
(Fri 11th Sep 2009, 13:33, More)
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