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THE EVOLUTION OF VAG CREAMS & 366 Days Later - "The End"

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On the 18th June 2010 I was off sick with the shits and made this.
For more pictures and details, click here

Smash Monkey made this for me...

NEW: Far too big Ben

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Possibly my best post ever!

* Thanks to k3b/-\b

S P A N G !

A brief history of Cock:


"Cock tiles"

"The end of Cock I"

"The end of Cock II"


"Has put the wank in swanky"
"Was no longer funny (your comments please)"
"Left the building and is very sad"
"Was shot down by Dixon for excessive use of cock"
"8 Guinness's later & poo like Marmite Treacle"
"Was Knighted by teh ClanSoul"
"Has recently been "done" by k3b/-\b"
"Has mostly been Bishop Bashing"
"Has put the NING into meaningless"
"Is still trying to get his pylon on the FP"
"Has put the Wank in Swanky"
"Has extracted the Hung from Hungover"
"Has put the Arse in coarsenesses"
"Has put the Hat in crosshatched"
"Has put the "FUN" in multifunctional"
"Was as happy as a Shit in a Pig!"
"Has put the "Rain" in Birdbrain"
"Has put the "Sun" in Misunderstanding"
"Has put the "ivesb" in Digestives Biscuit"
"Has mostly eating prunes"


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EDIT: Button Injured In Horrific F1 Accident

Now corrected with added speech bubble - Sorry I messed up b3ta.

(Mon 28th Jun 2010, 17:14, More)

I will be away over the weekend so will miss Real Photo Sunday...
Can I just say, this has taken me far too long, in fact the whole day (off sick). I have put some "click for bigness" links and a link to my original artwork, it would be great to see where this b3ta-Meme-Bus gets to.

& &

* Have now added a Full-Frontal view that could fit on the FP?

Click for 1st bigger picture (194 kb)
Click for 2nd bigger picture (194 kb)
Click for ?Make your own? (344 kb)

Also New template with added Freebase

(Fri 18th Jun 2010, 15:44, More)

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» Stupid Dares

Eating Fags...
We once bet a guy in our local £10 to eat a packet of twenty fags.

He did it but unfortunately he was to violently ill afterwards that he could not claim his prize...

Boy did we laugh on the way back from hospital!
(Thu 1st Nov 2007, 17:11, More)