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» Voyeurism

Monday, 8:30
I once lived in a large Council block in London, just like the once on the front cover of that Streets albumn if anyone needs to imagine it.

Anyway, across the road from our 5th floor flat we could look into the windows of quite a few others. The usual stuff, arguments, people watching TV in their pants. Then one day, Monday, at 8:30 a man waalks up to his window holding his member and polishing it vigourously, he runs round the room doing this for half an hour, finishes himself off, then pulls out a guitar and starts playing it, my flatmate noticed this happen again the next week, infact every monday at 8:30 he would do this. Then one monday my flatmate starts screaming with laughter and calls over 'jesus look at this' the guy had only gone bought himself an inflatable friend and was now giving it the most severe shagging I have ever seen anything get. We never saw him with it again and suspect that he might have fucked it to death on the first go..
(Wed 17th Oct 2007, 14:25, More)