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I'm Tommy, the toreador.

I only ever got 1 front page, and that was before I had any webspace. It was put up back in the days when B3TA would host the files of poor urchins like me.

The piccy was....

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Behold the terror that is

The Alan Whicker Man.

God bless those pagans

edit: and bless the magic donkey too!
(Sun 15th Jun 2003, 18:45, More)

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» Clients Are Stupid

So, so many to choose from...
I've spent many hours dealing with the untold goonery of users needing IT support. I seem to find that the higher up in the organization you go, the less common sense there is. Maybe there is less oxygen there. Examples include:

The director who complained that someone had stolen his mouse. I go to his office, and sure enough his mouse mat is vacant. So I check the back of the PC, and follow the mouse cable to... a piece of paper 4 inches to the side of his mousemat. The guy put in a support call because he didn't bother to tidy his desk

The MD who complained that the keyboard wasn't working properly. He had the handle from his coffe mug pressing down on the CTRL key

The user who didn't have a CD drive in her PC, so she posted the CD in between the blanking plates on the front of the PC

The user who complained that her keyboard made a clicking noise whenever she typed on the right hand side of her keyboard. It turned out that the movement of the keyboard was tapping on the side of a coke can on her desk

The user who used Windolene to clean his monitor, and was surprised when the coating on the screen went all manky

The innumerable users who complain that they need a new mouse, because they don't realise that mice need cleaning occasionally

The user who had a sticky keyboard that smelled strongly of sweet coffee. "You've spilt coffee on this keyboard" "No I haven't" "But it smells of coffee" "I thought that it would be OK when it dried out".

I'm sure that there are plenty more buried in my mind, I've tried so hard to forget...
(Mon 29th Dec 2003, 22:56, More)