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» Hotel Splendido

Pub-stroke-B'n'B near Morecambe, can't remember the name. Shame.

Arrived at night so didn't see the sign for their car-park on the opposite side of the road. So we parked in front of the pub, in what appeared to be a pull-in for such purpose.

Next morning we saw loads of hairy bikers in the bar. Then we went outside and saw LOADS of hairy bikers and LOADS of hairy bikers' bikes - all surrounding our car.

There was virtually no effort made to move for us - the ones who were obviously accountants and only "bad" at the weekend were the worst. But it needed loads to move - and we just couldn't talk the talk.

For a brief moment we did consider pushing our way out - our Range Rover had plenty of power. But we didn't fancy getting a bike stuck under the wheels as even the meekest biker would soon have pulled our arms off.

So we went back inside, explained the situation. Seconds later the fire-breathing harridan of a land-lady came out and laid down the law. And the bikers parted like a bunch of pussies.*

Unfortunately that was the only redeeming thing about the place. Otherwise it was sh*t.

* - we kept this thought to ourselves.

(This is my first ever post. Hope you liked it. It is, at least, 100% true. Therefore unlikely to win the "Best of"... ;-) )
(Sun 20th Jan 2008, 11:58, More)