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How to unblock a loo.

A checklist that is hopefully more helpful than just flaming b3tans who haven't read the FAQ. You can cite it thus: <a href="http://b3ta.com/questions/toptips/post397139/">please see checklist (items X, Y, and Z)</a>

I wrote a poem, but I prefer this edit:
  Into the stillness
  Staccato notes dissipate.
  The mind weighs echoes.

Sheesh, what an amateurfile! (I'm 'sposed to put 5 true facts about myself here, I think?)

I love words. B3ta's amazing. I'm a human beeing, and my work is in computer software, but not anything to do with media, pictures, or such like, alas, so I mainly lurk. I joined so I could click "I like this!" on JollyJack's amazing work, such as this: Impending Autumn.

I travel mostly by bike because I can. I have implausibly long legs. I'm a bloke and I'm married so nyeer. (I'm old, mind).

Why Bee Nice? Niceness rocks! And it's massively under-rated. Everyone thinks it's easy, or trivial, but it's not: the niceness detector looks into your VERY SOUL! I'd like to Bee Nicer. Sign in a pub here:
  "Be Nice or Leave
Thank You"

One of the things I most like about b3ta is that b3tans are nice.

Hmm, still a bit empty.
Here's some stuff I posted (click pics for thread):
Nut worth its own thread:

More cuddled miasmas for the compo...

I need to limber up...

O \O O/
-+- + +
| |\ /|
^ ^ ^
/ \ / \ / \

-+- \O/ -+- \O/ -+-
| W | W |
^ / \ ^ / \ ^
/ \ | | / \ | | / \

O \O \O/ \-OX/
-+- + + -X*X-
| |\ /|\ /X|/\
^ ^__ __^ ^--
/ \ / \ |

Woo, it's 1972.

I was awarded an invisible owl, called Erddig. Let me know if you catch an invisible mouse!

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