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I like to eat, a lot... I also don't have as much time as I want to create anything as wonderful as I see on here, but I will...

I'm a drummer and have been for 14 years or so. Been in several bands over the years ranging from swing big bands to a Sepultura cover band and everything inbetween. Currently, I play in a folk-rock 7 piece called lmnop. Our official, in production website is here, and our myspazz thingame is here. We've produced one EP called the Pardon Garden, and we're currently writing our first proper album. Hurray!

My luncheon Blog where you can hear about all my ramblings on food...

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» My sex misconceptions

You're doing it wrong...
I have a friend with a very 'odd' aunt and uncle. Now the stories I've heard of these people are very amusing but one in particular springs to mind now. Apparently, they'd been trying for a baby for about two years,and being the good Catholics they were, had been abstaining up until this point (I know, I don't get it either). Any way, after all of this time they bit the bullet, and decided to go and have fertility tests etc. So off the went and got things squirted into cups and thing observed and the results were that they were both wonderfully fertile humans who should have no trouble whatsoever conceiving. This seemed a little odd, so they went back to their GP, who was now a fairly close friend who suggested maybe it was something to do with the environment or method in which they were engaging in said nookie. He referred them to a sex therapist friend of his. Now being the stalwart prudish Catholics that they were it took a few sessions before they opened up to her. It turns out that after all of this time, they'd been doing it wrong... Now the first image is that he'd been putting it in the wrong hole, am I right? Oh no, he'd been putting it in no hole at all... They'd just been having 'a bit of a rub' for two years. God knows what they thought the shit squirting out of his manminge was...
(Fri 26th Sep 2008, 10:51, More)

» Have you ever seen a dead body?

Bad first day
I do IT support for a local Co-op. I remember my first day, one of the boys took me out to a few different kinds of store so I could get a feel for what gear was in what kind of shop. I got taken to a funeral parlour, met the manager, had a cup of tea, got taken through to the back of the shop to the office... Through the embalming room, where they were preparing a fucking babies corpse. Not a happy sight at all, especially for your first day in a job that you thought would involve sitting on your arse all day.
(Fri 29th Feb 2008, 15:19, More)