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Yeah yeah yeah. Yadda yadda yadda. Nothing of consequence ever happens here so just be on your way. Move along now, you're causing a scene. I SAID MOVE ALONG!

No.... don't go - I didn't mean it... don't leave me! It's dark in here!

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Wet School Days
I was lucky(!) enough to get a grant to go to a rather nice public school, despite being an oik. One sports day my mum came along and on the walk down to the sports field, we had to pass by the army cadeds asault course when my mum decided she needed a piss. So of course, over she wondered and as happy as you can be, dropped her knickers, squatted over one the assualt course tyres and did her business. I lost the 100m as well.
(Fri 31st Mar 2006, 16:07, More)