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» Abusing freebies

chinese all you can eat buffet
a while back me and my some of friends went to see a movie and go for a meal at this restuarant where there was an offer saying all you can eat 5 quid each so being the competative lads that we were we had a chinese food eating contest,we stuffed ourself stupid and one of my mates started crying with the pain (may i add that he is now no longer someone we hang around with) after the eat off we realised the next monday at school something we ate must of been funny because we were all shitting our arses off

moral of the story dont eat dog meat not the stuff that comes in cans but the supposed `pork` that comes from a dodgy cantonese.

also i laugh maniacly because of the length of the post
(Wed 14th Nov 2007, 18:02, More)