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» Accidental animal cruelty

Cat Deaths
My girlfriend is an arable farmer's daughter, but to make up for lack of livestock they have an army of feral cats that live in the out buildings. They are mangey buggers, stunted in growth with mottled fur and usually have pussy eyes(full of puss, not cute and cat-like, although they are obviously cat-like because they belong to said cats). They are constantly breeding and so there is a steady stream of cute kittens being produced. If they are born in the warmer months, they stand a good chance of survival, but if they spring to life in winter they stand a cat in hells chance. Boom boom. These kittens have perished in almost every way imaginable, from falling asleep under car bonnets only to be burned alive on ignition to freezing to death. More examples include falling into the urea tank ("it blew up like a green balloon"), being mown by tractor mower, eaten by another cat ("It just chewed its head off") and being mistaken for a rabbit by lampers. The most quoted is the famous kitten massacre of 1997 when two rotweillers from a next door farm got into the stack yard and tossed about 20 kittens into the air with gay abandon as the whole family looked on in horror. Needless to say my girlfriend is fairly numb to animal cruelty now.
(Wed 12th Dec 2007, 14:07, More)