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Hello world!

thank you, b3ta :)
(Wed 8th Apr 2009, 21:12, More)

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» I'm going to Hell...

lets just say this is based on a true story
(Mon 15th Dec 2008, 23:04, More)

» Kids

i can't wait to have kids
whenever i talk about to people and my girlfriend is in the room, she waits until i've walked out of the room but knows i'm still in earshot and confides in them that she would rather take a knife to her womb than know that my spawn was living inside her.

i think we've got a future.
(Wed 23rd Apr 2008, 2:06, More)

» This book changed my life

I, Lucifer
this book isn't go to go down in history as one of the best books ever written, it won't even be known as a great book of our time. but it should be. its one of my favourite novels because of the incredible way the author describes sensation from the point of view of someone who has never experienced it before and has been thrown in at the deep end. an incredible read just for that.
(Wed 21st May 2008, 4:09, More)