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» Festivals

Somethings man is not meant to interfere with
Hi Everyone,

Long time lurker (the only post that I've done before was bitching last year that I didn't go to Glastonbury).

I could write about my first Reading where I accidently ignited a gas canister, which a helpful metalhead booted into the next field (I'll be interested to see if any stories about a fireball landing on someones tent come in). Or I could write about the 3 litres of pear cider I necked in half an hour that led to me leading a conga line in front of the main stage at Glastonbury to "play that funky music white boy".

However, there seems to be a lot of those type of stories so I'll tell you about what was my most memorable festival moment of last year.

I was at Secret Garden Party, wandering around and looking at the food on offer. They had bacon sandwiches, they had pies BUT no breakfast themed pies. For the rest of the festival, I sat by the lake and divised what would be the best pie in the world: It would have chopped bacon, sausages, baked beans and tomatoes for a filling in shortcrust pastry, I would serve it with hash browns on the side and top the pie with a fried egg. This would make me my millions! I would be a hero to the common man and women would swoon at my mad pie skills!

Shame that when I got home and made it was saltier than a seaman's semen.

Ho hum
(Sat 6th Jun 2009, 21:24, More)

» Devastating Put-Downs

Old Shep

(Thu 24th Nov 2011, 22:12, More)