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Used to be "Not Just a Hatstand" until my lovely MS made me forget my password and the password for the email account it was linked to *sighs*

But back now......you poor bastards

http://www.pubdogs.wordpress.com and coming soon(ish) http://www.pubdogs.com

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Twin guilt
my mother cheated the birth pain system and popped me and my dear brother out 9 minutes apart (I think she was planning on not having to ever have sex again and has slowly regressed into a puritan since)
Weazal's and mine adventures through our soon to be 40th years have been mentioned a few times via qotw (under my previous username of Not just a hatstand, before my MS decide to f**k with my memory and I forgot not only my password but the password for the email account it was linked too)

Apart from being basically grumpy since passing the age of 30 he is is not that bad, and living in a "Sykes" style household (skinny grumpy brother, jolly fat sister, for you young uns out there not able to recalled the 70's sitcom) isn't too bad either, there is a sheen joy of being to tell your housemate to "fuck off and stop being such a great big twat" as he swears that he will torch his PC (porn container) for the 6 billionth time as it fails to keep up with his 5 second patience when you know he is family and wouldn't even consider buggering off and leaving me with a month's rent/bills to pay by myself for I am his little sister.

However I have a lovely Californian lined up and I am seriously considering upping sticks and transplanting over there in the next 5 years and therefore he is getting custody of the maternal unit when he thought he was leaving that one to me, just might piss him off slightly.
Also is a bad thing to put him off his new Christmas game of Call of Duty by wandering into the living room singing "I think I'm burning Japanese, I think I'm burning Japanese, I really think so" just as he has discovered the flamethrower in that arena of pixelated warfare??
(Fri 26th Dec 2008, 1:08, More)