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Pictures what i done.

I love Rock and roll... NSFW

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I was with a dozen or so newly-made friends in Boston, Massachusetts a few years back at someone's house, having a few beers and pizzas as is the way there. The subject of donuts came up and eager to please and impress my new trans-Atlantic buddies came out with a sure-fire donut joke winner. (although why I was convinced they wouldn't have heard it before I'm not sure)

"Hey hey! Everyone listen to me!! Ahem."
"How does Bob Marley like his donuts?? .... Wi' jammin!!"

**** silence ****

Hmmmm unperturbed I carried on...

"And what do Bob Marley and his wife say to their guests when they're serving up donuts? ..... We hope you like jammin' too!!!"

Cue guffaws, groans and chuckles, but nowt. Silence and 24 or so wide blinking eyes staring at me.
Oh well, I thought - good effort son and looked down into my pizza and Sam Adams.

Then someone piped up from the back and said in a slow lazy drawl:

"Hmmm yeah - we actually call it jelly here."

I shut up after that.
(Sat 24th Aug 2013, 11:49, More)