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» Bullies

A friend in need
I know the title is a bit cheesy but it fits the story. Anyway I was that friend in need. Year 5, aged 9 my parents divorced, I didn't take it very well. Due to this I frequently broke down in class, crying over the smallest of things. I also became very quiet and unable to talk in front of groups of people, something I struggle with 10 years later. One case I remember was being asked a simple question, I knew the answer, but couldn't speak. I could only look away, repeating the answer over and over in my head until she moved on.

I was never really bullied, partly, I think, to being so quiet, most people simply ignored me. However I became distant from my group of friends who soon shunned me. I was alone in the playground every break, every lunch.

For the next few months I sat on a bench watching everyone else play. I can't remember how it really happened but a someone who I hardly knew started sitting with me. It wasn't just a case of him also being alone, no, he chose to stop playing with his friends and start talking to me. Over time he introduced me to his friendship group where I became more accepted.

I am still good friends with him, but have never really thanked him for reaching out and helping me, I just dont know how.
(Thu 14th May 2009, 20:15, More)

» Shit Stories: Part Number Two

Poo Missile
I once shit into a comdom and threw it at a mate, he wasnt very happy about it funnily enough.
(Thu 27th Mar 2008, 15:03, More)

» My most gullible moment

Visiting today: Dr Loof Lirpa
Enzyme reminds me, when I was still at school, maybe year 8, there was a note put in the morning register. It read something like this, I can't remember the exact wording;

'All Year 8 students are to go to the assembly hall at 11:00 for a speacial visit from Dr Loof Lirpa. He is here to talk to everyone about their future careers.

I, aswell as others, were happy to be missing a lesson and didn't consider this request to be fraudulent or even slightly odd, besides they often have special visitors in to talk to us all.

At 11 everyone finished morning break and were *apparently* due in the assembly hall. However most people had already heard this was a practical joke played by a small group from one class.

Some people on the other hand did not know of this and went to find the hall being used for a play rehearsal and were a very unwelcome distraction.

I was fortunate to have heard of the plot and avoided humiliation. Those that didnt arrived to class late, several given detention for wasting time.

The real trick I believe was that only 1 tutor out of 7 classes realised the prank, even though it was april fools day.

Length? erm... I'd rather not say
(Sat 23rd Aug 2008, 17:17, More)

» Your first cigarette

I have never smoked properly, but with some friends we tried smoking a dried reed we found near the beach. It wasnt good, coughing for days after. Strangly enough we still tried it again a few days later.
(Wed 19th Mar 2008, 19:00, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

No swimming
I with some mates have been planning a weeks holiday in cornwall for a surfing/swimming kind of time. This was all planned months ago and i've been swimming a bit recently, getting a bit of practising in.

Unfortunatly a couple of nights ago i got hit in the ear and have been diagnosed with a perforated ear drum. Meaning no swimming for two to three weeks. So now ive got a weeks swimming when i cant swim.

I think instead i will find some good motorbiking roads instead, any recommendations?
(Mon 30th Jun 2008, 18:34, More)
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