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21 year old from london

I'm currently doing an apprenticeship after fucking up one before

I like football and boobies and I'm not sure in what order

Oh and i forgot i'm a disgusting perosn in general

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» Cheap Tat

off a Chinese lady. They were obviously going to be bad quality but i didn’t expect the Chinese man filming it to take the camera with him to the toilet.
(Fri 4th Jan 2008, 10:07, More)

» Rubbish Towns

Maps of Rubbish Towns
Bluemeat asked for a map of all the towns mentioned so here it is.

I've only done the first 60 odd so far cos i'm lazy but i'll get to the rest a bit later.

Hover over the pins in the map and click more info for a link to a story about that town.

(I only included stories with one town in it and with replies cos I couldn't be fucked doin all of em and if i missed yours out then it's your own fault for not being funny enough)

(Fri 30th Oct 2009, 13:05, More)

» Absolute Power

I don't have any power at work or home
So I make up for it by using my superior man strength to pick my cat up by his front legs and make him dance for me.
(Thu 8th Jul 2010, 16:38, More)

» Famous people I hate

The fat girl on babestation
Every time I come home from a night out and I feel like killing a million she's always there thrashing about like an injured seal.

It's never as good and I feel that much dirtier in the morning
(Fri 5th Feb 2010, 10:43, More)

» Celebrities part II

Top of the tits
I was in the audience at top of the pops and shouted at nelly furtado to get her tits out just at the point of the music dying down.

I tried to pass it off as someone else by looking at the bloke next to me and tutting but sadly it didn't work so i ended up getting chased and kicked out by the bouncers.

It serves them right for selling alcohol there.
(Thu 8th Oct 2009, 13:46, More)
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