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» Awesome teachers

awesome...ly tragic
Only my second post ever so be gentle...

Maths teacher at my old school. Bit of a dick, looked and acted like Simon from first couple of series of Teachers but without any script or charm. Would try and join in with any matches on the five a side pitch (whilst me and stoner friends would glower unhealthily from the hill nearby). The epitome of trying too hard groovy teacher really.

Turns out he was growing huge amounts of weed in his garage:


He claimed to have advertised his garage as available for rent, met this "friend" in a pub gave him the keys and got regular cash payments but never, ever, ever looked inside his garage to see what it was being used for.

Got struck off and ended up working in the tie section of house of frasier in the local shopping centre.
(Sat 19th Mar 2011, 20:52, More)

» Accidental innuendo

working in kitchens...
I was told to clean the shelves with some spray thingy and wipe them down.

Asking if that method was appropriate for the shelves with the bowls on I unthinkingly uttered:

"so yeah shall I just go for the standard squirt and rub?"

woo, yay, first post, etc
(Thu 12th Jun 2008, 17:01, More)