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I like to make things, mostly videos.
Here is my youtube channel

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» Neighbours

I've always had problems with atleast one of my nearest neighbours...
but recently it's just got worse, now I have a 80-something year old belly dancing woman who seems to be allways atleast half naked living next to me. On the up side it acts as a good cause of laughter whenever a football goes over the fence I can send one of my friends to get it knowing that he will be greeted by an old woman wearing just a towel, then look at the horror on his face when he returns.

Not only that, but now I have a family of angry, drug dealing pikeys living in the house joined to the back of my garden. Recently they have decided that it would be a right laugh to throw bricks and other junk over the fence and at my house and despite getting the police involved they dont seem to want to give up.

To top it all off just last week my next door neighbour on the other side was broken into and robbed by these pikeys and just to show off they sent a drugged up woman to come back and give them their empty wallet back, which aparently still isnt enough evidence for the police to go and arrest the people we know that did it.

So my word of advice, if you are ever in and around north London, stay out of Enfield.
(Sun 4th Oct 2009, 23:38, More)