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Please let me into your inner circle, i'll grunt like a pig if you want me to.

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» Guilty Pleasures, part 2

Living in hot and sunny part of the world - tortoises are everywhere.
In the spring time I like to hide in the bushes and watch them shagging.
The most amusing part of it all is how the male groans and gets all excited (like an old man phwapping away to Hetty Wainthrop)
(Mon 17th Mar 2008, 7:34, More)

» Will you go out with me?

Whilst wainting for Sister Sledge
at Glastonbury dance tent '04 a nice young chappie (bloke #1) came upto me and started to chat me up. I was very flattered but i was buzzing at the time and i thought it would be very nice to invite him to watch me pee into a bottle (using a ladies peeing device). He just stood there agog watching me peeing away -pubes out and all. He was very kind to hold the bottle for me until we got back to the tent and i am hoping he disposed of it appropriatley. As i said i was buzzing at the time so i was very happy when some other chappie (bloke #2) came along and started massaging my back. Bloke #1 got the hump and got all upset with me all i could reply was "you should see the way i shit" i danced off and never looked back - what a biatch.

Something i did learn though always pee in a litre bottle to avoid overflow on the fingers.......
(Wed 3rd Sep 2008, 21:21, More)