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Hi I'm Ben, Most of the time you will see me looking somewhat similar to this...

Drunk and with a big Jewish nose. Surprisingly I'm not Jewish.

Been a reader of b3ta for years but only decided to join this year for postings and what not. I know I'm a crazy man.

Currently finishing my degree where I plan to go on and do great things, such as continue to make cheese toasties and drink apple juice.

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» Shoplifting

I'm not sure if this counts?
And I'm a bad bad man.

Often while in clubs, I retain my pint glass after finishing my beverage. I then put my pint under the nearest unsupervised tap, fill it up, then walk away with a free pint.

At the prices they charge I think it should be assumed its 2 for 1.

And no I haven't been caught *yet*
(Thu 10th Jan 2008, 11:30, More)

» Phobias

Its sort of a phobia
Basically, If I eat a meal and it has nothing crunchy in it I feel like I'm going to throw up for about half an hour, which is stupid I know, but now I fear not having crunchy things in food! Justified? probably not.
(Tue 15th Apr 2008, 23:34, More)

» Cheap Tat

DVD Player
Now normally when it comes to electronics, I like to spend a fair amount of money. But considering this was my mum's birthday present and I'm a poor student, I decided to go cheap... Very Cheap. A £30 "Multi region" one from amazon, I was satisfied with the reviews and though she would be none the wiser.

So she opens it, is very excited etc. I think what a wonderful son I am, so does she, everyone is a winner.

That was until we decided to use it. She came complaining that her DVD's didn't work one it and I obviously thought it was old people vs. technology syndrome and got my brass eye DVD out to show her what to do. After some disturbing noises I quickly took my DVD out to see a disc that was now only good as a coaster. After rebuying DVD's I ruined, my cheap scheme turned into something of a bank buster. I was also left with a £30 "Comedy sized" paperweight.

I think I got a terry's chocolate orange for my birthday.
(Tue 8th Jan 2008, 11:50, More)

» Kids

When I was a teenager...
One of our "family friends" were in hard times, now my mother and step dad being the good sort of person, let their family stay in our spare bedroom for a bit. (Mum, Dad & their 4 year old child)

Now... I'm quite a tolerant person, but this 4 year old...thing was possibly the most annoying thing on earth. He would seek me out like a cruise missile to show me that "he had acorn". At first I found it quite funny, but after the 50th time in one day it quickly became the bain of my existence. Our back garden was full of acords, I had contemplated cleaning the garden daily remove the offending articles however, I'm just too damn lazy.

My Secondary school and his primary school were opposite each other on the same road, and I noticed one day that all the kids were teasing my little friend for pretty much the same reason I hate him, he must have some kind of learning disability or something, but did I take pity on him? Hell no, he deserved, little shit.

So one day, I'm about to set off to walk to school, when his dad offers me a lift, I thought why not. Upon arriving near the school, I asked to be dropped off just out of eyesight, his dad goes "oh are you going to meet you friends?" I Reply "No, I'm too ashamed to be seen walking to school with your son"

I'm a bad person.

Needless to say things were awkward in the house for a bit.
(Sat 19th Apr 2008, 11:51, More)