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» Bastard Colleagues

There is a guy at work who's nickname would give it away.
If you live in Reading you may know this guy.

This guy thinks that EVERYONE in the office likes him, though in my years of working I have never heard anyone receive the amount of caustic piss hatred that has been spouted about this guy after we have had a few sherries.

We use MSN Messenger for quick communications like a lot of big firms nowadays. Generally, it is just used to for banal requests; drudgery-filled automatons saying stuff like, 'Can you action this for me? Thx'. However, this guy consistently used it to perv on younger girls that have just joined the company. And I don't mean casual flirting. He would basically get down to the nasty right away. Asking what colour of pants they wore after three polite responses and whether or not they would like to come down to his place as his missus (the poor cow) was away with her mates for the weekend.

He did all this whilst toadying up to senior management like no fucker else I have ever seen. I am sure he would have thanked them by hand-written letter if they had dropped a bucket of shite on his head.

The other thing I hate about him is his total lack of personal space. Whenever he tells you something, he is right up against you like a limpet. Many people have tried to get away from his awful conversations to a more comfortable position but the fucker just sidles up ever-closer until there is no escape.

I hate the fucker. I really do.

Oh yeah, first post.

(Thu 31st Jan 2008, 13:35, More)