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I'm fairly normal - for a girl. Live in Bristol, originally from South Wales but don't hold it against me. I like men, house music, reading the odd book and watching tv.

Fascinating huh!

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» Stalked

There was this kid in school...
He was definately a "special" child in high school. We'll call him Bob. He was one of those jkids who was mentally about five minutes behind everyone else and even some of the meaner teachers would lay into him from time to time..
I always kind of felt sorry for him.. being a social outcast of sorts myself (I was - to my shame - a library nerd *cringe*) so I felt obliaged to be nice to him and talk to him every now and then.

Zoom forward to present day...
Through the marvels of Stalkbook he has found me and added me to his friends. He has also gotten my number off my page (goddamn privacy options re-setting themselves!) and is calling me... ALL THE TIME...!

I mentioned in passing that anyone who was passing through Bristol to look me up for a drink.. its just something you say.. you don't MEAN it!
but he thinks i do and is asking when I'm free next so he can come for a bevvie.. not cos he's passing through.. just to see me. I lie and say i'm busy with work stuff..

then its getting close to my birthday and someone's added an event to the book of the face and he's calling again to ask details..

I lie.. i say its a ticket only event and we've run out already.

I feel bad but it saves me from having to babysit him all night amongst a bunch of people he won't know or make an attempt to get to know. Anyway I don't want to be coherent let alone actually sociable to visitors!

he still invites me to every application under the sun on that goddamn book.,. i always refuse and sometimes he calls to ask me why.

why do i have to be so nice?

*pop goes my B3TA cherry* edit: its not a great story but I was sick of just reading.. wanted to join in!
(Fri 1st Feb 2008, 11:49, More)

» Buses

Just thought of another..
Can't believe I didn't remember this before actually..

A few years ago my cousin (a bit of a wild one) had a job as a bus driver. He wasn't too bad.. a tad fast and eager to please the kiddies but not bad...

until he drove a double decker bus into a low bridge.

he allegedly asked the last kids to get off the bus on a new school run the quickest way back to the depot and they told him a route with a low bridge unbeknownst to him. The only thing I question is how he managed not to spot it as it was at the bottom of a long straight road... I wasn't even allowed to talk about it school even though everyone knew and was asking me about it - due to the ongoing investigation!

Mind you this is the same cousin who on the first day of his prized chef scholarship at a top restaurant punched the chef for shouting at him...!
(Mon 29th Jun 2009, 20:47, More)

» Blood

Musical interlude...
When I was a wee young 'un.. I was a bit of a dork to say the least. I used to play the oboe (I still do occasionally - but I don't care if its cool any more) I was also in the school orchestra. I was scheduled to play a solo piece in the next school concert, and my family were very excited.

I was crapping myself as the guy I fancied was going as well to see his younger sister sing or something. He had no idea I existed...

On the night I was petrified.. 14 years old, pale and shaking like a leaf. I'd been practising till I knew the piece backwards but still very nervous.

We took our seats and the first big number was played, I was on after that. I played fine in the big number and then my name was announced and I took my little stand and stood dead centre on the spot I'd been shown earlier.

I played the entire piece flawlessly, it was about two minutes long with a particularly tricky bit about three quarters of the way through. I got to the part and sailed through it.. only problem being I was meant to breathe at regular intervals... to this day I truly cannot remember breathing at all.

I passed out in front of an audience of 250 of my friends, family and the guy I fancied. Cracked my head and managed to cut it open quite badly. I came to to see my dad, my music teacher and my mum all covered in blood crowded round me. I made quite a mess and when I went to visit the school just before its closure to make room for a new housing estate last year, the stain could still be seen.

Length... two minutes of a lovely Concerto in D...
(Wed 13th Aug 2008, 2:34, More)

» The Boss

I could go into detail..
But I think it might be crass

My ex boss was a genius but that also made him crap at human interaction. That included any interaction with me. When he made me redundant it took him four months to send me my P45 and almost as long to arrange payment of money he owed.. I should get the final instalment in December

I made mistakes and I'll hold my hands up, but they were small and rectifiable. I was learning a completely new skill. Even reading this back it sounds like a maudlin and self satisfying moan. I want to cringe and take a big spade and bury the whole experience deep underground never to be seen again.

Sorry about this, its depressing.. but he was just that bad.
(Mon 22nd Jun 2009, 13:35, More)

» Bullies

I was bullied horribly in High School from age 11 to age 16.. I was a victim and it was atrocious. They made fun of my clothes, my hair and my spots.. the girls in my form used to ask me to lift up my fringe to show them the worst area, they used to steal and hide my clothes in gym, they used to laugh when I tried to fit in by rolling up my skirt.

I'd like to say it was the worst thing that happened to me but that's a lie. It was terrible at the time, but its made me who I am today and I've come to see that I'm actually an alright person most of the time and anyone who thinks otherwise can go fuck themselves...

I'm not suggesting getting bullied as a lifestyle choice though!
(Tue 19th May 2009, 22:00, More)
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