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Lurking since 2001, first post Jan 2008...

Genetics graduate... I'm going to make me a centaur...

as soon as i find employment to find it

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» Karma

My ex flatmate used to make my life hell.
Around the two guys we lived with she was all sweetness and light, but manipulative and snidey to me. (She was also a bit odd...she stole all my cutlery and hid them in her room) Slowly she turned the boys in the house against me too, so that by the end of the year, whenever I was in the flat I had in my room, only coming out to cook or even cross the hall to the toilet when no-one else would see me.

Anyway, I really needed to pee one day, the sort that is accompanied by the pain to warn of imminent explosion. In desperation, I grabbed an ornate glass, and pee'd into it. It was an unfortunate time of the month to be caught short, and the resulting liquid looked less than appetizing.

Running late for uni, I got rid of the liquid, and left the glass in the kitchen without washing it properly. By the time I got back it had disappeared...It was very obviously mine, and nobody would have washed it for me, and its disappearance was a mystery until I saw it in her room a few days later…

My initial annoyance at her blatantly stealing my stuff was overwhelmed by the fact that she was in fact, drinking my pee (and worse) - and she NEVER washed it, it never came out her room until we moved out at the end of the year.

Even now I giggle…

Length? About 2 months until the lease ran out...
(Sun 24th Feb 2008, 18:05, More)

» Accidental innuendo

There's a watersports equipment company called Beaver that we regularly use. Every so often they'll send along small promo freebies with orders.

Cue the arrival of a car sticker, proclaiming loudly and very conspicuously:

Deep down, I'm a Beaver Diver!

I laughed until I wee'd
(Wed 18th Jun 2008, 13:43, More)

» Phobias

Snakes, spiders, giant isopods

I'd have them all as pets given half the chance.

But the thought of biting velour/velvet cushions, especially having eaten an apple (for some reason, the coating it gives tour teeth makes it 1000x worse)

And, erm, the thought of finding a corpse. Skeletons, I'm fine with, freshly dead or plasticised, thats ok, but anything rotting...
(Fri 11th Apr 2008, 11:25, More)