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» I witnessed a crime

How to order food in New York
On a recent work trip to New York myself and a colleague had numerous refreshments on the flight over from London and consequently felt the need to get a nutritious burger and chips (or fries as the locals call them) upon arrival.

So at around one in the morning on some dark side street somewhere in NYC myself (tall, lanky northerner and my colleague short, fat cockney) find ourselves paying somewhat extortianate prices for the crappest burger and chips you've ever seen.
We'd just been served when a blinged up gang with baseball bats walks in and demands the cashier hands over some fries, which he promptly does. However the leader of the gang was not impressed with the number of the fries and demands more, and some ketchup, and in order to ensure that he gets them says to the cashier "come on man, Jesus is watching you!".

Clearly afraid that the son of God has now joined a street gang and is willing to use his powers to ensure his homies get more chips and condiments the cashier hands more over.

At this point the leader of the gang turns to myself and my colleague and says:

"That's how it's done in New York"
(Wed 20th Feb 2008, 16:00, More)