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This is a close, not particularly close approximation of me south park style.

And my first Woo Yay!

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Dyson branched out into genetics
they didnt get it right

So the DysonRabbit was a short lived species
Previous Dyson obsession
(Fri 24th Jan 2003, 19:25, More)

Octodomo Episode 2:
The scum of New York has a new enemy!

Episode 1 Episode 3 Episode 4
I kept it below 200k just tnx to freshlegs
(Tue 10th Dec 2002, 1:06, More)

Disco baby!

My homage to the road sign pics!
I love those pics so much i decided to make one myself.
(Sun 24th Nov 2002, 14:13, More)

My head is a strange but happy place :)

My god that took some time.
I apologise for the size.
But the idea refused to move from my head.
WOO YAY HOOPLA my first front page!
(Thu 21st Nov 2002, 23:25, More)

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I was told recently by my atomic physics lecturer that from just after their invention till the 1960s most shoe shops in America possessed an x-ray machine. People would try on shoes then have an x-ray taken and from that they would find a better shoe for them.
Got stopped due to irradiating customers feet i assume.
(Tue 22nd Mar 2005, 13:56, More)

» Useless Information

"Close but no cigar"
Apparantly originates from carnival games of skill where the prize was often a cigar. Hence if you missed you were the above phrase.
"Dead as a door nail"
Nails used to have to be hand made and therefore expensive so people would salvage them at a later date. Nails holding doors in place however were bent to hold them in place, thus rendering the nail dead.
And finally
"Jump on the bandwagon"
In old political campaigns candidates would literally have a wagon with a band on to draw up support for them, people who did support would often show this by jumping on said bandwagon.
Apologise for length got carried away, bored at work
(Tue 22nd Mar 2005, 14:14, More)