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» Customers from Hell

Bank Customer
This is not a funny story........

My girlfriend works in a bank dealing with customers. I had a call one day at work from her family telling me her mother had died. We were expecting the call, but it was still upsetting.

I had to go to the bank to give her the news.

When I arrived she was dealing with a customer and I managed to sneak past her to the back of the bank as I knew as soon as she saw me she would know why I was there.

I found one of her managers and told her why I was there. The manager went to get my girlfriend who immediatley realised what was going on. Floods of tears from her and her manager. A colleague stepped in to deal with the customer so my girlfriend could grab her bag and we could go.

I found out later that the customer was angry that she had been left in the hands of someone else. It was explained that my girlfriends mother had just died which is why she had to dash off. The customer replied that she should have been served first before the news was broken to my girlfriend and that she was going to make a formal complaint against my girlfriend.

If I had know how insensitive this woman had been at the time I would have decked her on the way out of the branch!

The good news is that when she made the complaint the branch manager had her account closed!
(Fri 5th Sep 2008, 13:05, More)

» Will you go out with me?

Cuddling on the sofa..........
I said (in all seriousness) "Would you be more comfortable if I took my trousers off?" She said "Yes". Been together five and a half years now........

If I had known how easy it was going to be I would have used that line many, many years before!
(Fri 29th Aug 2008, 9:50, More)

» Workplace Boredom

It sounds to me........
.......that if this "credit crunch" continues there is a lot of slackers in the work place that can be removed with out any effect on productivity. I am going to have a good look round my office and see who we can fire.
(Wed 14th Jan 2009, 13:58, More)

» Things we do to fit in

(Thu 15th Jan 2009, 12:40, More)

» Public Sex

Sand Dunes - Studland Bay
We went for a picnic and ended up slightly drunk and very horny. Slipped off into the sand dunes for a quick shag.

Afterwards, lying holding each other she thanked me for having the foresight to bring a condom.

I didn't have the heart to tell her I had actually just found it in the sand........used......

(ok - not mine - off the telly years ago!)
(Thu 23rd Apr 2009, 17:42, More)
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