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Lives in Lancaster

Nothing else to brag about really..

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» Getting other people into trouble

We're in the shit!
All three of us.. we had been accused of creating an elaborate board game called "Tramp Grand Prix 2000" in double-art on a wednesday afternoon, and that apparently all the characters in it were based on the guy that had grassed us up and his family members.

We needed a plan, an alibi.. something.. the lying part of my brain burst into action and scrambled like 12 angry men for something, anything that may be of use.

And magically, all on the spot all three of us said that "but sir.. he said we bum our dads"

That as daft as it sounds now was enough evidence to disprove all allegations and turn the punishment back onto the guy who had dobbed us in.

I forget his punishment... was a good game though, and beautiful attention to detail on the vehicles.

(Tue 23rd Oct 2012, 13:22, More)