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» School Trips

Does art college count? Anyway...
Off to Amsterdam we go for a week of art loving.....well during the day anyway. At night, as we were all art students, were spent out on the town smoking as much weed as humanly possible. Except for myself and a certain young lady on the course.

I only ever spoke to her once during the year but that first night definatley made up for it, we were at it all night long and as the room was meant for four people, but split onto two floors that meant the people in the room were listening in as well. But we were drunk and didn't care, we even tried to get one of the other girls involved.

Anyway after a marathon night of bedroom olympics, I made my way back to my room for a shower before breakfast. Obviously my male roommates were congratulating me on my prowess.

I went down to breakfast to find that EVERYONE had been listening!

Due to the close proximity of the hotel ventalation system to the bed, one of those big american style one's you can crawl through, as you can guess I was a little embarrassed but did my best to bask in the glory!

Ended up staying in that room all week, one of the guys on the course final video project was about me and my endevors. One of the lecturers had to pull me to one side to check it would be ok with me as it would be part of an exhibition open to the public.

There was one bad thing about that week though. I never got to sample the herb products of the area. And it took us a good few hours for us to teach the hotel bar staff how to pull a proper pint, not this half full of foam crap they tried to pass off as a pint :)

Talking of herb products, the main lecturer used to grow his own in the college greenhouse.
(Thu 7th Dec 2006, 17:20, More)