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» Amazing displays of ignorance

Dog eggs
A girl I work with believed me when I said that the reason that supermarket own brand cakes are so cheap is that they use dog eggs to cut costs. “Oh my god, Really?? That's outrageous” she said. Wow.

Also, on the day that Obama became president, I asked a girl I used to work with what she thought of him, but my question was met with a blank stare. “Who?” she said. I attempted to explain but she interrupted me quickly, clearly bored the mention of anything even vaguely political, meaningful or relevant by simply saying “hmm I don't really follow politics”. Ya don't say.
(Sat 20th Mar 2010, 0:44, More)

» Good Advice

- after delivering a witty reposte, take a victory sip from scalding hot coffee (rookie mistake)
- call your boss a stupid cunt, no matter how much they act like a stupid cunt.
- drink red wine, because you'll just end up spilling it on something white, because you're drunk on red wine.
(Wed 26th May 2010, 1:52, More)