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» Have you ever seen a dead body?

is more blase than a penguin should be..
Yup, seen many. Its part of my job so i see them in many states from cardiac arrest to in the morgue, and also at dissecion. Dissection is strange - you get freaked out by it the first time and then it just becomes routine... The worst ever experience ive had though was a gentleman who was left on an air pump mattress while i was expected to certify him dead: its about 4am, dark with the rain agaist the windows, I go into a little half lit room where hes laid out, with flowers and a bible, and I put my stethoscope to his chest and just at that point the air matress reinflates and I can hear it through his chest - this deep ascending Hwooogh noise as though he had just taken a huge gasp... my legs had got me out into the corridor before my brain worked it all out....
(Thu 28th Feb 2008, 10:20, More)

» Spoilt Brats

pint sized penguin
I fear that I, Mrs el pinguino am spoiling said small penguin...

I mean, its ridiculous- I do everyting for him, hes fed, kept warm, carried about, I sort out all his mess, talk to him, make decisions for him, he barely has to breath!
Do I get any thanks - no, just an occasional kick when theres too much noise or hes bored

Still, hes got to be born some time in the next fortnight

HaH! That'll learn him!
(Tue 14th Oct 2008, 1:08, More)