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» Things to do before you die

My son to be allowed to live me for a reasonable amount of time and no more court hearings trying to get that to happen.
(Thu 14th Oct 2010, 18:45, More)

» Beautiful Moments, Part Two

My son
After the (still ongoing after 3 year) court case, the move 300 miles to ensure he doesn't grow up with his dad the other side of the country, the near bankruptcy, the most painful time in my life:

My son, when he's allowed to spend time with me sleeping upstairs in his bedroom.
(Sun 8th Aug 2010, 18:35, More)

» Prejudice

Gets my goat
People who bang on about freedom of speech, freedom of expression, their socialist credentials - and in the next breath condemn someone else for expressing an opinion they disagree with.

And before anyone comes out with the old `with freedom of speech comes responsibilities' I would ask them `Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?' Who decides what is beyond the pale and what isn't?

I don't trust MYSELF to do that, so when someone self appointed turns up and starts shouting the odds I am liable to take the piss. I'm right of centre, have mates with views ranging from near-facist to near-communist and guess what? They're mates. And funny enough they will happily take the piss out of someone mercilessly and then defend them the next if someone else tries to shut them up.

If you don't like what someone is saying, take the piss. Show how their beliefs are ludicrious. Or ignore them. Try to understand how they come to the view they do - understand even though you don't agree.

Start shouting `racist', `facist', `sexist', etc. and you've automatically lost the argument in my books.
(Wed 7th Apr 2010, 13:20, More)

» Cringe!

Mr Bean on a bad day...
I used to live in St Albans many years ago. I'd done all the pubbing, clubbing and all that and having learnt to play a musical instrument many years previously I joined the local orchestra.

To be fair, I felt a bit out of place - seemingly 20 years younger than the next youngest person there. Of course, my youth meant waves of disapproval were directed at me - I was obviously untrustworthy, unreliable, typical of `young people today'.

Anyway - come the big concert in the middle of town...the one reviewed in the local paper, attended by the mayor and other worthies. Sellout performance in fact...probably round a 1000 people in the audience.

Of course, I was late getting there. Stuck in traffic. Cursing the traffic, cursing myself and knowing that everyone in the damn orchestra would have been justified in their lack of faith in me. I got there 2 minutes before the performance started. Luckily, I played an instrument which meant I could nip in round the back and get to my seat without too much fuss. Could I find the way in to the backstage area?

Could I fuck.

As I began to panic, I thought `No one will notice me notice me nipping up the stairs at the side' - straight up them, straight to my seat. Job done. It was quite dark and the audience were talking...i.e. Waiting for the conductor to...go up the stairs.

Yes. I got a round of applause by the entire audience as the spotlight was quite literally turned on me. I waved my arm in dismissal to indicate that I wasn't the conductor.

Just a sad case who was now hoping for a big crack in the stage to open up so I could hide in it.

Length? 2 1/2 hours long before I scuttled out, never to return again.
(Tue 2nd Dec 2008, 14:14, More)

» My most treasured possession

Nothing at all.

Since my son was born (and my ex left without notice taking him with her and refused to let him spend any time with me, meaning I had to take her to court) I would happily torch EVERYTHING I owned if I knew it meant he would grow up with me and the rest of his family in his life.

Things come, things go. Family and friends are the only important things in life.
(Thu 8th May 2008, 14:59, More)
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