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» Darwin Awards

Has anyone
...come across the cat torture thing currently snowballing through /b/ and reddit?

2 Yanks uploaded a video. Two utterly depraved kids. One of the kids wore a mask and tortured a cat. The other spunkdribble filmed it and egged his mate on.

Now 4chan has it. Reddit has it. Hundreds of seething internetters are hunting the kids down and reporting them to just about every news source on the planet.

They may be kids, but fuck 'em. Let them suffer for it.

This is the only link I can find, it's been pushed down from the top spot on Reddit (the cowards took their video down, closed their MySpack pages and tried to hide).


The poor cat aside, those two spacktards really put themselves up for the Darwins. Why aim for electrocution or singed pubes when thousands of angry internet people are pushing virtual pitchforks at you?

That link contains some strong stuff, not work safe or Fine-Upstanding-Moral-Citizen friendly.
(Sun 15th Feb 2009, 18:55, More)

» Pubs

Yeah it's only vaguely relevant, but fukkit...
I don't have a side-splitting story about drunken oafs pissing on each other or glassing innocent bystanders, or public defecation. I don't have any wild tales from racist paranoid landlords or drunken ramblers. I tend to drink at home with friends. Benefits include not having to roar over ear-bleeding music, no queues for bathrooms or filthy toilets to contend with.

No, my beef is with some of the 'antics' in these stories.

Bit of background: my mum is an addiction counsellor, we're a foster family, ergo we've all seen the best and the worst addicts can do.

This QOTW is full of stories about people injuring themselves and/or others, destroying lives in some cases. And the fucktards don't seem to have realised that maybe the excessive alcohol consumption just might be in some way connected to their "legendary" mishaps. Worse than that, some of you seem to be cheering them on.

I know some of these stories are fakes, and some are grossly embellished. But I don't like the undercurrent of rationality in the responses. It seems that alcohol is an acceptable drug, if you're drunk off your tits you're just "one of the lads" or "great craic" or "a proper larf" or "a legend". If these heroic people did the same things but under a haze of ecstasy or hash, they'd be druggies, smackheads, losers.

I've seen families wracked and wrecked because of alcohol and drug abuse. It pains me to think of people encouraging others to drink far beyond their personal limits, engage in pretty risky behaviour and muck up other people along the way. Having a laugh and abusing oneself are occasionally indistinct. Is it really impossible to have a good time without going overboard?
When you talk fondly about the nutter in your local, mumbling into his pint or passing out in the jacks, don't you ever stop for a second and think about his life and how far down the shitter it might be? I say 'might', after all, he could be in the depths of alcoholism or he could be deliriously happy, in my experience it's rarely the latter.

I'm not going to read any more of this QOTW, futile I guess but it's really struck a nerve.

Peace out B3tans
(Mon 9th Feb 2009, 23:42, More)

» Prejudice

I'm nawt a bigot.
But I'm laughing my fat white arse off reading these answers. I've never EVER seen such a mighty collection of insults in my life. And some of the childhood stories have me hooting and giggling in turns.

So, from the bottom of my (Caucasian, heterosexually-challenged, non-discriminatory) heart, thank you all.
(Thu 1st Apr 2010, 20:10, More)

» Puns

My mate was in a Middle Eastern prison
for a short spell. To amuse himself, he'd tell jokes and stories and make up puns. Of course he'd have to scribble them down; the guards would reward speech with a rifle butt to the head.

His cellmates contributed a few too, and some of the tales were pure gold. Eventually the guards started copying the prisoners but they were shite; making up some truly godawful abstract puns.

Which just goes to show that you can't get a decent pun without some con-text!

Yeah I know, rubbish. But it's closer to a pun than most of the efforts so far. So nyah!
(Fri 6th Mar 2009, 22:04, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

Is it pronounced med-sin or med-i-sin?
(Thu 8th Apr 2010, 20:38, More)
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