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(Sun 7th Oct 2007, 13:47, More)

£3.49. Bargain.

(Sun 22nd Apr 2007, 21:51, More)

A worthy adversary:

(Fri 9th Jan 2004, 11:32, More)

Jesus Christ - The Second Coming.

Pissed - sorry! :)
(Sun 26th Jan 2003, 1:09, More)

Spiderman faces his most difficult challenge yet....

#2 - The hummus returns! :)
(Mon 20th Jan 2003, 1:04, More)

Someone just pointed the similarities out

and I'm scared.
(Thu 19th Dec 2002, 1:37, More)

I dunno..

But I'm glad I'm out when he does it.
(Sun 15th Dec 2002, 17:01, More)

No reason..

..other than to get it out of my head
(and after seeing 28 Days Later)
(Mon 25th Nov 2002, 8:22, More)

Looks like rain again...

click for original biggie
(Mon 18th Nov 2002, 21:02, More)

Whoah oh, who ah oh oh...

Cheers Koit for the inspiration!
(Sun 17th Nov 2002, 14:27, More)

I really don't know..

(Thu 24th Oct 2002, 0:07, More)

Late for work again...

(Sat 19th Oct 2002, 20:03, More)

Ahhh... They lead such a simple existence...

(Tue 15th Oct 2002, 18:31, More)

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» Dad Jokes


"What day is it?"
"Tuesday, all day"

On seeing a plane/hotairballoon/bungee whatever..

"I wouldn't like to be up there in that!"
"I wouldn't like to be up there without it!"

Although fair play for a great comment once, when I was telling him about a mate of mine, who was sleeping with two different women at the same time, and was dead proud/chuffed about the whole affair..

"Honestly, he's like a dog with two dicks.."
"More like a dick with two dogs."
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 20:13, More)