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licensed rescue agent for pits, rotties, dobies and bulldogs
boyscout leader for over 25 years
raise appaloosa horses, hereford cattle and english bulldogs and rottweilers

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» Anonymous

my reward will be seeing her face
My neighbour lost her husband, I have been secretly putting alot groceries on her front porch for over a year now.
She thinks its from a local church and has no idea I am helping her.
Its fun to listen to her go on and no about how I should become an xian and go to that church because they are such angels there because it would help me become a good person and i am going to hell because i dont believe in her Jesus. Eventually I am going to tell her that her jesus is bullshit fiction and its the pagan next door thats been filling her belly.
(Fri 15th Jan 2010, 20:38, More)

» Overcoming adversity

Poisoned by "certified organic" pesticide used by the army corps of engineers.
I wish I knew how to add photos, I would show some of the less gory pics.
However my story, I was poisoned by the army corps of engineers.
They in all their glory decided to poison out a lake so they could restock it with game fish for rich touristy types.
They neglected to tell the locals that the Rotenone used to kill off the lake is also lethal and or dangerous to a very small percentage of humans (I am one of the lucky ones)
It caused me to lose most of my liver function, kidney failure, heart issues,some brain functions are impared in that I have problems concentrating and I went from proofing newspaper articles to barely being able to compose a letter, lungs were filling with fluid and full of blistering lesions as well.I have to carry around a lame oxygen tank now so I don't die.
On the skin side, I would get unendurable feeling of burning followed by the skin burning from the inside out, you could actually feel the high heat coming off my skin right before blisters formed, then popped then the skin slid off leaving the underlaying muscles exposed.
I required many skin grafts after they figured out what was causing this.
I have some scars on my face as a result of this as well,but thankfully most of the skin slid off my abdomen and legs and not my face. I am now perminantly unable to do alot of the physical things I used to do as the new skin is not all that strong. I also am very photosensitive and any bright light sends me into mild seizures. I will require a kidney transplant in the future as well.
What bothers me the most is Obama our noncitizen president had created a law in which we can no longer sue the government for being poisoned by them (part of the Patriot Act) Thankfully I have insurance because the bills are close to half a million dollers at this point and I will never fully recover mentally or physically.
Send me a message if you want to see some gory pics. My legs will never again look good in a skirt :( it is jeans only for me for the rest of my life.
(Sat 15th Dec 2012, 5:44, More)

» Protest!

carnage, border sneaking and life
When Ontario (CANADA SUCKS BTW) made its pathetic, lame law that pitbulls were to be killed, a group of us snuck across the border and broke into the facility where they were storing the puppies, old dogs and other pits to be gassed and broke in and took all the dogs they were going to murder.
Luckily pits are not a breed that barks alot so it was not too difficult to smuggle them back across the border in the back of a grain truck we had built kennels into the truck with air hoses and then put the dogs in and covered the entire mass with marsh hay to make it look as if we were hauling just a load of cattle feed. I found out later that the kill chamber in the building was wrecked too WHOOT!!!!!!! I didnt participate in that but wish I would have.
Our group saved 38 pits that day from a death sentence caused by them just being born. I kept 3 and we found awsome homes for the rest. A couple of the older dogs went to some elder care facilities where they will be babied and pampered. One really pretty fawn and rednosed pit went to the daycare where my nephew is, there really is no better dog for keeping kids safe.
and yes anyone who believes media bullshit about pits being dangerous is either ignorant or obviously has never owned one or is too stupid to housetrain a dog.
I can post this now because the statue of limitations for intercountry theft is now up and we cannot be jailed or fined.
Ontario and all canada still sucks, best thing I ever did was move to the states. Even with Obama as president its still a better place to live then Canada was.
(Fri 12th Nov 2010, 18:45, More)

» Prejudice

People who act as if all native americans are still living in the past in buckskins
I am tired of hearing "I have a wolf spirit" or "Do you people still live in tipis?" or they act as if we are all knowing, yes lady I am a powerful healer,give me $200.00 and I will heal your inner spirit, they give me the money, I spit some juniper water on them and tell them they are now of the wannabe clan lol(done that 5 times for real)
Then you get the ones that say they are part indian...oh really,which part? your big toe? I know its not your brain or you would not say lame stuff like that. The ones that say their grandmother was a cherokee princess are the lamest liars in the entire world, cherokee never had royalty and even the chiefs were just spokespeople figure heads. The council made the rules.
Give me a break if you ever travel to my country, Native Americans are who we are,we are not canadians, we are not americans so don't bother trying to get us into that battle either.
Yes some of our men have long hair,our men are handsome that way,please do not grow long hair if you are white, the vast majority of you look stupid.
Please don't ask me how to say something in Navajo, Lakohta or cree, I speak Hidatsa, English, German and French, I also will not associate with illegal mexicans so dont ask me if I feel a kin towards them.
However,keep giving me hundreds and hundreds of dollers every year to pose for photos with you as it paid for my trip to Aruba and Dubai and other vacations.
wow this was a rant, sorry, went off on a rage there. Inlaws are here from the Ukraine and I am sooooo sick of stupid questions.
(Fri 2nd Apr 2010, 21:11, More)

» Conspicuous Consumption

Lambourghini fishing
The most decadent thing I have ever done is parked my uncles lambourghini close to the lake and sat on the hood and used it as a fishing chair because I did not want to be bothered to sit on the ground or bring a chair with me.
I caught a 34 inch northern pike and yes I brought it home, had it in a small bucket in the back area of the car.
I also smoked while inside the car. Uncle loaned me that car for 3 years before he decided to sell it.
They look awsome,but ride worse then a delivery van and it was very difficult to cram my Great Pyrenees dogs into it,could only take one at a time with me.
They also do not start very well when the temps reach below -20F, and yes I did put snow tires on it just to annoy the neighbours!
dang I miss that car.
(Sat 30th Jul 2011, 0:33, More)
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