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» How nerdy are you?

1337 Johnny Rotten
I'm so nerdy, I was flicking through channels, and noticed this:


I just had to take a picture, and upload it.
(Sun 9th Mar 2008, 2:15, More)

» Home Science

Making science - the Beano way
Back when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I had started to read the Beano comics for the first time. One Beano cover had Dennis and Gnasher up to their usual menacing antics, with Dennis probably firing his pea-shooter, but Gnasher was blowing into a pepper pot, to make their victims sneeze.

So, that's where I started my experiment. Could I make people sneeze, just by blowing into a pepper pot? I sneaked into a room, with a pepper pot in my hand, breathed in a gulp of air, and proceeded to blow into the pepper pot.

A cloud of pepper had gone straight into my eyeballs, and I had to be taken to A&E, to make sure my eyes weren't permanently damaged.

Conclusion: Science in comics isn't always accurate, but I managed to discover the effects of pepper spray.
(Thu 16th Aug 2012, 0:10, More)

» Old stuff I still know

That stupid 'S' thing people used to draw
They're called Stussies, and I can still remember how to draw 'em.

I also seem to be the only person who knows the secret of drawing an impossible triangle. All of the Youtube tutorials I've seen do it the wrong, time consuming way. HINT: Draw it from the inside out.
(Sun 3rd Jul 2011, 1:12, More)

» Bullshit and Bullshitters

Way back in 1994...
...I was a contestant on the Channel 4 show 'Gamesmaster' (my uncle owned the production company, and got me on the show). The challenge was to complete the first level of Sonic and Knuckes (which wasn't released until a year later) in the quickest time. I was playing against David Seaman, and I scored a time of something like 1:07, while David lost a life, meaning I won by default.

Unfortunately, the golden joystick I won was destroyed in a house fire, but I still have proof. My dad recorded it on Sky+
(Fri 14th Jan 2011, 0:47, More)

» How nerdy are you?


That's as far as I can remember pi from memory. Not sure about the last 4 numbers, though.

Also, when I was in school, I was challenged by classmates to remember a random 100 digit number by the next day. I remembered it correctly!
(Thu 6th Mar 2008, 17:38, More)
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