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» How nerdy are you?

Pokémon rules!
First post! W00t!

I'm a self-confessed Pokémon nerd. I have every single RPG ever released, the majority of spin-off games (I still need MD2, Channel, Dash & Link) and on the latest RPG (Pokémon Pearl version) well...

I have every single Pokémon (all 493 of them) arranged in a storage system of 18 PC boxes (if you've played Pokémon, you'll understand) including all 28 Unowns. I have every Deoxys, Gastroden and Burmy/Wormadam form. My monsters are overall mostly imported from the 3rd gen games.

What's more, every fully-evolved or unevolvable Pokémon is level 100, and has the 'perfect' moveset - according to hours and hours of research and painful conversations on Nintendo forums. Every pre-evolution is level 5 and bred from my lv100s, and every mid-evolution is at the level of evolution and also has the best moveset possible.

I like to go on wifi and rub my amazing Pokémon skills in other people's faces by saying things like 'i pwn u, n00b', and 'i win! i win! in ur face'.

I also like to sell my particularly rare Pokémon to more unexperienced players over the internet. You can fetch a lot of money for a shiny Shaymin you blagged off some guy who was giving them out for free on his forum just the other week.

The shame!

OH and I collect Pokémon game guides, have many collectable cards and figurines, and I have written much fanfiction in my time. And draw much Pokémon porn. Yes, it is true.
(Tue 11th Mar 2008, 22:07, More)

» Your first cigarette

The first time I tried smoking
I threw up. All over the place. No, seriously. Never did it again.

I don't mind a bit of weed occasionally, as long as it's a blunt.

This QOTW is a bit boring, actually.
(Wed 19th Mar 2008, 21:24, More)