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» I don't understand the attraction

Random irritations, part 3 irritate with a vengeance
My final list of these I promise

1, Breakfast tv, Im looking at you gmtv I only want to see the news in the morning I dont want to know about fashion and about some puppies that have done something cute, the same goes for bbc breakfast I dont need to know about some book or tv programme, just show the news.

2, Football, half of them look like ladyboys, its supposed to be a sport not a fashion show.

3, Alcohol, to me they all taste and smell alike, how do wine experts get all the smells and flavours out of a bottle when I smell it I feel like I should use it to remove wallpaper.

4, Nintendo wii, its rubbish, you get bored of it after 5 minutes and the choice of games is either mario, pokemon or crap, give me a 360 anyday.

you know what really grinds my gears, when i cant find the droids im looking for
(Tue 20th Oct 2009, 11:05, More)

» The most childish thing you've done as an adult

Hallowe'en is probably the best time for me to act childish, though i do childish stuff all year round it seems to be concentrated more round that time (must be the sugar), the highlight of one hallowe'en is Megan,

I used to work for a large supermarket chain that sounds like "best show" and hallowe'en was ripe for pranks due to one woman megan, a large reubenesque woman who had a fear of spiders, at hallowe'en the isle would be plastered with plastic spiders that were sold instore for her to find,
i think the record was 15 screams in one shift.

length ect.
(Sun 20th Sep 2009, 19:58, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

Random irritations, part 2
Some more irritations for you:

1, Comic relief characters, stop ruining the mood of a particular film by popping up and doing something silly, an example of such would be jar jar binks after I saw that character for the first time i couldn't take the rest of the film seriosly.

2, R&B and rap "music", I dont reall need to know how many women you have slept with or which alcoholic drink is de rigueur and how much jewellery you feel you need to buy to make yourself feel good, at least use more instruments than a synthesiser and a drum kit.

3, The X factor, or more specifically the sob stories, I only want to hear the singing I dont need to know who in the family is sick/dying/dead.

4, Dogs, The animal embodiment of the moron, need i say more

ill add more if I can calm down if not length ect.
(Sat 17th Oct 2009, 19:09, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

Random irritations
Ill start with:

1, James Corden, why the hell does this person exist, being shouty and fat doesnt make you popular, nothing he does is even remotely funny and the voice wants to make you dig out his voicebox with a tooth pick.

2, Star Wars, why, why, why do people get so obsessed with those 6 terrible films, i dont get te attraction to the hammy acting and ropey special effects, i also dont get how people understand alien languages and robots without the aid of transators.

3, The iphone, why do people love it, its a boring piece of overpriced technology that has features that were new about 5 years ago, why does it have a 3megapixel camera when similar priced rivals have 5, 8 or even 12 megapixels.

Ill add more when i can calm down
(Fri 16th Oct 2009, 19:36, More)

» Guilty Pleasures, part 2

Pretending im an extra in star trek (i have accessories)
Playing with my transformers
Teasing the cats with my laser pen
Giving coca-cola to my mums parrot to make it hyperactive
Listening to ELO

Edit: Matoosh ill give that a go it sounds fun

Length? bigger than optimus prime
(Tue 18th Mar 2008, 18:35, More)
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