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» My sex misconceptions

I was 7
My big Sis was 10 and therefore a little more worldly wise than myself. The two of us were playing in the back garden on the swings with one of her friends. It started with friendly dares to see who could swing higher, who could jump off and clear the most ground. Big sis upped the anti slightly by daring me to shout to the OAPs enjoying a nice game of Crown Green Bowling. Our garden overlooked the bowling green and not knowing any better I took up the challenge and climbed the wall after my sister had whispered the words she wished me to shout, assuring me that the words meant "I am cool".
They did not. A little 7 year old boy yelling "I AM A LESBIAN!" nearly gave the OAPs a heart attack.
moments later, a very red faced sixty-something came knocking at my door to speak to Mother.
I cried, my sister laughed then got sent to bed.
I'm definitely not a lesbian although there are many pensioners who would think otherwise. mind you we did have a very harsh winter last year so they're probably all dead.
(Wed 1st Oct 2008, 11:47, More)