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This is the answer "One hundred and six"

To this question "what do you want to be when you grow up"


I am going to die at 87.  When are you? Click here to find out!

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» Housemates

Drunk and forgetful
I made my way home after a night out at a local club, I had partaken of much as happy water as was possible and still be able to walk the two miles home.
My flat mate came home from work at about 6-30 am, finding me asleep in front of the TV he woke me up with these words
"what ya doin ere mate"

This is when reality dawned on me. I had walked at least a mile and a half further than I needed. I had moved out the week before.
(Sun 1st Mar 2009, 13:20, More)

» Flirting


This happened only about two years ago. Twas in a club so there was loud music and I was with my favourite friend Exstacy. I was getting on very well with a girl, Lots of dancing and messing about. We ended up leaning against a speaker with our faces stuck together. When we prised ourselves apart she shouted over the bass line to me, that she was going to the loo. Then lent forward and said to me.

"Do you think I'm thick"

I replied "No of course not" She went off but never returned. After thinking about what she said it was obviously.

"Do you think I'm FIT"

Once again, Pill Popper shot himself in the foot, with both barrels.

Lenght about 110 decibels!
(Thu 18th Feb 2010, 14:23, More)

» DIY Techno-hacks

I'm really bad at fixing things. I couldn't fix my laptop and took it to PCworld.
The rest is history.
Paul Gadd
(Mon 24th Aug 2009, 1:10, More)

» Impulse buys

My laptop
Bought a lovely laptop. It was amazing, did everything I wanted. One day it stopped working so I took it to pcworld to get it fixed.

The rest is history

Paul Gadd
(Mon 25th May 2009, 1:22, More)

» Mums

The day my mum realised I wasn't her little boy anymore.
I was eighteen and I had a motorbike. After a nasty little accident I was in hospital. My parents turned up to find me laying semi concious. I must have looked like a scene from some sort of horror movie. There I was covered in blood, in my hair and, well every where down to my waist was red. My chin had a cut across it. My bottom lip was ripped open and I had four teeth missing.
The first thing I said to my mum, who Was trying to not show how upset she was "It's ok I've got clean pants on" I found out it was possible that she could half giggle and half cry at the same time.
Go forward two days. I'm stitched up and still groggy and uncoordinated. I have thirteen stitches in my face and an arm in plaster. I'm being discharged to go home. My Girlfriend Donna is there too. and I need help to get dressed. Mum pulls the curtain round and says she'll help me get dressed. Then I say "I want Donna to help me" Such a small sentence that meant nothing to me at that time. I have found out since was the point my mother realised. Her first born, Her little soldier and only son. Didn't need her anymore.
(Sun 14th Feb 2010, 13:27, More)
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