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Not much to say, my imaginative name (given to me by mates) stems from me being called Dave and the fact that I am a Geordie. Been reading these boards anonymously for about 2 years now. I am currently a student, so a great deal of my time is spent reading B3ta, because I do very little work, and when I do, it's shit anyways.

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» What's the hardest you've tried to get dumped?

Not me.
Friend of a friend of a friend (I think) went with a girlfriend to the tattoo parlour. He was to get her name, she was to get his.

When they both came out though, she showed him the tattoo of his name and then he slowly pulled up his shirt and revealed his tattoo. Of his name.

"I just couldn't", he said.

I hear they didn't last much longer after that, but if he didn't do this to get dumped, he's certainly a bit of a bastard.
(Sat 7th Jun 2008, 22:30, More)

» Public Transport Trauma

A little girl sitting with her mother and she's got her mobile phone out.

Said little girl starts playing 'Valerie' by Amy Winehouse. Shortly after, the song finishes. So she plays it again. It finishes, so she plays it again.

She played the song about nine times from start to finish, at good volume until I could take no more and had to get off the bus before my stop.

Unfortunately for me, I'm the sort that just puts up with this, and I couldn't be bothered with the inevitable ear bashing I would get off her mother had I have said anything. She looked a bit rough and that.

Also, there was a time I went on the bus with a new pair of jeans on and forgot to take the cardboard tag off the back. I got laughed at good and proper.
(Thu 29th May 2008, 15:43, More)

» Pet Peeves

Wash Your Hands.
People who don't wash their hands in public toilets really get my goat.

I know it isn't like people piss and shit all over their own hands and that, but I don't want to touch the same door handle that you've touched with your hand that has recently been on your cock. Maybe it's just me that thinks like that, but it just doesn't seem right.

It really isn't all that troubling to put a little bit of soap and water on your hands, rub them together, rinse and then clag them under a dryer is it?
(Fri 2nd May 2008, 0:52, More)

» The Credit Crunch

My Bloody Valentine
Well I'm completely skint, but I paid money to go and see that film and it was a complete pile of shit. The fact that it was 3D did not even nearly make up for it. To make matters worse, the cinema was packed and the only spaces left were in the front two rows (like fucking 4ft away from the screen), so I now have strained eyes, a sore neck and £30 to last me until the 19th of February.
(Wed 28th Jan 2009, 2:56, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

England Football
We've already had one about England bombing out at the Semi Finals, but I've picked one in particular that was a real kick in the bollocks.

It is of course Euro '96. I was seven years old and hadn't really paid much attention to watching football, but I really got into this tournament. I thought we had the best team, we had Shearer, Ferdinand, Seaman, Pearce, Gascoigne, Adams etc.

Well as a lot of you know, England won their group and beat Spain in that fantastic penalty shoot out to get to the Semi Final. That image of Stuart Pearce celebrating scoring his penalty will stay with me forever.

So it was on the 26th of June, 1996. I was sit in the living room with my dad and brother and we were watching the match. The genius that is Alan Shearer put England ahead straight away, but Stefan Kuntz (seemingly apt name) went and equalised not long after. It wasn't so bad at the time, but once it got to the penalty shootout, I became rather nervous to say the least.

It got to 5 - 5 and Gareth Southgate stepped up. He hit the ball low and to the left of the goal and Andreas Kopke saved it. My heart sank . Andreas Moller stepped up and put the ball straight past David Seaman.

England were out of the tournament I was certain we were going to win. As I mentioned earlier, I was seven years old and this was my first real taste of football disappointment. I didn't cry, but fuck me if it didn't hit me like a ton of bricks.

No disappointment I've ever felt in life or in football has ever matched that.
(Sat 28th Jun 2008, 18:20, More)
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