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18 19 20 21 22 23 24 years of age.

Cycle courier with a Physics degree and a fondness for skiing, hammocks, poker and beer festivals.

Me in 2009, 20kg heavier than currently:

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

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» Banks

There's far too much hate in this question
Have a topical kitten:

(Fri 17th Jul 2009, 12:55, More)

» Cars

Pigeon of DEATH
A few years ago, I was driving my friend Alex into town in my dad's battered old golf estate. It was high summer, we had the windows down, some Led Zeppelin on the stereo... all was right with the world. Rounding a corner at about 50mph, I spied half a dozen pigeons on the road, trying to eat the tarmac or something. I was in a hurry (we were going to the pub), I was eighteen and Led Zeppelin were playing. I wasn't slowing for a pigeon. I judged they'd all get clear in any case.

Most of them got clear, but one was a fraction too slow. It bounced off the bonnet and clobbered the aerial, breaking it off. The slipstream then ensured that the aerial was sucked in through the passenger window to belt Alex in the side of the head. A fraction of a second later it was followed, beak first, by the now enraged pigeon. Somehow it managed to get in a solid peck or two at Alex's head, before leaving the same way it came in.

I nearly ploughed the car into a ditch, I was laughing so hard. It was only made better at the pub later when one girl leant over and asked "Alex... Why have you got feathers in your hair?"
(Sat 24th Apr 2010, 0:19, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

(Thu 15th Oct 2009, 16:51, More)

» The Dark

My Hallowe'en costume:

Black robe, red LEDs on my glasses and home-made stilts to take me up to 7'8".

I actually made a kid piss himself two years ago.

Edit: I also use this costume when trying to raise money on comic relief. You'd be amazed how fast people pay up.
(Thu 23rd Jul 2009, 18:48, More)

» Sexism

I'm with Morgan Freeman on this one
When he was asked on an American talkshow how he, as a black man, thought racism should be fought, he responded that as long as his opinion was sought because he was black, there would never be an end to racism. He said that his opinion could be asked as a man: not as a black man. The same is true in the case of sexism.

Judge people on pure merit. Nothing else.
(Mon 28th Dec 2009, 1:16, More)
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