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» Tales of the Unexplained

House of the Mysterious
I've never been particularly superstitious, etc. but..

When I was very young, about 6 or 7 we lived in a house near Lincoln - only for a couple of years - where all the supernatural-type experiences of my childhood took place.

I can clearly remember a cloud in the perfect image of a crocodile which - at least in my tiny child mind - stayed stationary in the sky outside my bedroom window for days, even weeks on end.

Also in my bedroom, I have just as vivid a recollection of a human-shaped shadow which would glide around the walls of my room during the course of the night, with faintly glowing red eyes.

I believed I saw a flying saucer hovering above a field behind the house on one occasion, though that one could very well just be wild childish imagination.

Certainly, we had a door which would swing open during the night, without the aid of a leaning house/any wind, even if it was tightly closed. The bathroom always had a strong smell of perfume too, though scent was rarely used in there.

Oddly, we never felt uncomfortable there, and never experienced anything similar in other houses despite moving around extensively throughout my childhood.
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